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P A N N Y Y is a luxury leather goods label creating high quality, multi-situational pieces. Designed in London and hand made in Portugal every piece is a reflection of the designer's aspirations for a refined aesthetic punctuated with moments of boldness. Silhouettes are clear and feminine and colour palettes are rich and purposeful. 

Dedication to the quality of materials used and the artisans making the pieces defines the finished product.


To maintain this level whilst keeping prices accessible was a foundational mission. We have now been able to implement this direct to you approach, dropping new styles at the optimum time, not worrying about 4 collections a year and not selling through stores or online fashion retailers.

Our sole purpose is to continue pushing the envelope of fashion for a wide audience. 




Danielle Sassoon grew up with an insatiable appetite for art, colour, fashion and dance. Seeing inherent beauty always inspired her to push out the boundaries and explore the unknown of shape, form and colour. 


A British fashion designer and fine artist, Danielle Sassoon was selected by Max Mara's creative director, Ian Griffiths, to work under him at the Max Mara Fashion House in Italy following her graduation. She returned to London to the Iconic Paul Smith under the inspirational tutelage of Sandra Hill, before being asked by Michael Hertz to become head designer of London Line for the vintage English brand Aquascutum.

This plurality of influence shaped a new composition of thought and to give it expression Danielle was emboldened to launch 

P A N N Y Y (her nickname). 


P A N N Y Y works with small factories in Portugal, where traditional skilled artisans bring the designs to life. These makers are the true artists. The leather is carefully selected from our Italian tanneries and Italian hardware ensures the highest quality of finish. 

Each of our partners is considered a key part of our brand and their ongoing efforts to create the finest products draws our eternal appreciation.  

Authentic Consistent Organised Delicious Sculptured Structured Contemporary Practical Modern Functional Distinct Unique Considered

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